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About Jeffrey

Despite being told that he only had six weeks or less to live back in 1987, Jeffrey L. Wall experienced a healing from the hand of God that would spare his life for an additional twenty-eight years . . . and he’s still going!  He has survived and endured a total gastrectomy, a rare disease called Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, pancreatic cancer, a condition called ileus, and liver cancer.  Not one day of his life has he been treated with chemotherapy, nor has his life needed to be sustained by any type of medication.

What Others are Saying

“I can’t put this book down! Absolutely heart wrenching . . . real talk!.”

- Gail Adams

“The story of Brother Jeffrey L. Wall’s life is another shining example of what God can do if we trust Him.”

- Dr. Robert J. Brown

As Jeff’s oncologist, I can attest to God’s miraculous hand on this man’s body.  I’m a witness.  Powerful story

- Dr. Peter Ennever, MD

“This is a must read book if you ever been or going through something. It will open your heart and mind to focus on God.”

- Sherry Fuller

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