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Despite being told that he only had six weeks or less to live back in 1987, Jeffrey L. Wall experienced a healing from the hand of God that would spare his life for an additional twenty-eight years . . . and he’s still going!  He has survived and endured a total gastrectomy, a rare disease called Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, pancreatic cancer, a condition called ileus, and liver cancer.  Not one day of his life has he been treated with chemotherapy, nor has his life needed to be sustained by any type of medication.

Now, in 2016, Jeffrey L. Wall stands boldly at age 52, fervently claiming in his memoirs entitled 6 Weeks or less . . . A Portrait of Faith that God spared his life and healed him then because He knew that Jeffrey would boldly tell the good news of his healing.  Unashamed and unwavering in his faith, Jeffrey will use this book on the world stage as his venue for carrying out what he feels is his last assignment.

Jeffrey L. Wall is a native of High Point, N.C. He currently serves as the Associate Pastor of Body of Christ Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in High Point, N.C.

His ministry extends far beyond his duties at Body of Christ. He is a minister who brightens the lives of listeners of the First Light Broadcast on WNAA 90.1 FM Radio Station at NC A&T State University. In addition, he serves as host to many Christian services throughout the Triad Area, preaches revivals, and is a beloved keynote speaker for events desiring to hear his awe-inspiring testimony.

Additionally, Jeffrey is an accomplished actor who has been featured in numerous productions, television programs and films including A Raisin in the Sun, It Takes a Village, Fences, and Swimming in a Lake of Fire, to name a few.

He is married to Trina Wall and is the father of Tia, Geoffrey and Deboris, and grandfather of Christian.

His dossier is as follows:


Swimming in a Lake of Fire


Highway 29 Motion Picture / Les Butchart

What’s Love Got to do with it


Brian Gibson

The Last Action Hero


John McTiernan

Mr. Destiny


James Orr

It Takes a Village

Lead Role

Save the Arts Foundation / Rasheem “Kilo” Pugh

Web Series

The Hive

Nathan Barstock

Highway 29 Motion Picture / Les Butchart


Melrose Place


Paul Lazarus/Paul Wales

Pickett Fences

EMS Driver

David E Kelly

Reasonable Doubts


Robert Singer


A Raisin in the Sun

Walter Lee

Barn Dinner Theater/Lorraine


Troy Maxson

August Wilson

A Raisin in the Sun


Lorraine Hansbury

To Kill a Mockingbird

Tom Robinson

Community Theater Group

A Date with Destiny

Rev. Jacob Cross

2M Plays

Love Me Some Me


Natasha Starghill

The Meeting

Malcolm X

Robin T Rich-McGhie


  • North Carolina School of the Arts –Drama;
  • Davison Community College – Fine Arts;
  • Darren Merrills- Character Analysis;
  • Ronald Dortch-Acting;
  • Robin Rich-McGhee-Acting;
  • Caldcleugh Actor’s Workshop-Preparation and presentation