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The Book


I have a testimony, and I’m not ashamed to tell it.  In 1987, I was given 6 weeks or less to live.  That was the diagnosis from the doctors, but God had another plan.  With childlike faith, I asked God to heal me and He did so immediately.  I was healed supernaturally, on that day, from pancreatic cancer.  There was no treatment whatsoever; the evidence is in the before & after x-rays.  Only God can do this.

I cannot explain why me, or why God chose to heal me like this, other than the fact that I had faith and believed without hesitation or doubt what He said to me in the shower in my hospital room in Chapel Hill back in 1987.  He cannot lie, so I believed and I was healed immediately.  That sealed it for me.  As a result of that experience, I have been on fire for Jesus ever since!  I dedicated my life to His service at that point and haven’t turned back.  I have radical faith, and by that I mean, I’m not afraid to share my story and to tell of God’s goodness and His mercy wherever I go – in season and out of season, whether people want to hear it or not.  I am on assignment, in the years I have left, to help people remember that they can turn to the Lord for their help and for their healing. He cannot lie, so if people would only believe and have faith, they can be healed – if not on this side of heaven, most certainly and infinitely on the other side with God, the Father.

As powerful as my testimony of healing is, there is a story behind this story that I must also tell.  For this much I know:  for me and my life thus far, the sicknesses have not taken me out, but God knows that other circumstances and people, regrettably, have tried to. If the enemy could have had his way with my life, I would have been gone a long time ago. I would have either lost my mind, taken my own life, or killed somebody and been locked up for the rest of my life.  From the emotional scars and wounds I have sustained as a result of many experiences I’ve had, in addition to the physical ones, God has had to heal those as well and I have had to learn how to forgive and to move on in spite of the open wounds.  That forgiveness and spirit of letting go, both for myself and for others, has led to total restoration in my life.  Therefore, I can live a life of nevertheless.

Now, in 2016, at age 52, twenty-nine years after my first death sentence, I know that God has spared my life and provided a way for my story to be written so that I may use it on the world stage as a venue for carrying out my assignment:  I must spread the good news of God’s healing power.  I am unashamed and unwavering in my faith concerning this.  Undeniably, this is a story that must be told.  Absolutely, this is a must-read for the saved and unsaved alike.


What Others Are Saying

“I can’t put this book down! Absolutely heart wrenching . . . real talk!.”

- Gail Adams

“The story of Brother Jeffrey L. Wall’s life is another shining example of what God can do if we trust Him.”

- Dr. Robert J. Brown

As Jeff’s oncologist, I can attest to God’s miraculous hand on this man’s body.  I’m a witness.  Powerful story

- Dr. Peter Ennever, MD

“This is a must read book if you ever been or going through something. It will open your heart and mind to focus on God.”

- Sherry Fuller